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Problems with Dental Implants

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Of the aesthetic treatments most used in dental clinics today, we highlight dental implants. So much so that demand continues to rise over the years, and the procedure has become very safe.

However, we want to mention some of the problems that may appear during different periods of treatment.

Reminder of what a dental implant is

An implant is based on placing a screw that will be used as a dental root and that will hold the dental prosthesis that will be placed on top.

Because it is a complex and delicate process, complications can arise. Thanks to our experience at Anfruns Dental Clinic we have solutions for any problem that may arise.

dental implant


There are three phases in which problems may arise.

During surgery

There is a possibility that there is not enough bone to ensure proper screw anchoring. This situation must be evaluated by the implantologist, and the solution lies in taking advantage of the adjoining pieces to fix the prosthesis in them. This technique is called dental bridge.

After the treatment

In the post-dental implant phase, also called the healing phase, problems such as:
  • The dental implant moves Because the screw is made with a biocompatible material, the bone adheres to it, filling each space. This ensures a perfect fixation. In the event that the implant moves, it could have been rejected, which should be consulted as soon as possible.
  • We suffer allergy from a dental implant Despite presenting rarely, your body may reject the implant. In that case we must study other options
  • The dental implant bleeds Some bleeding is normal after a surgical operation
  • We suffer an infection by a dental implant Antibiotics will be prescribed and follow-up will be done to measure the evolution of the infection

Time after having had an implant

Problems that can affect both bone healing and implant duration are:
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Habits such as tobacco and alcohol consumption


Having good dental health is without a doubt a factor that will allow a better adaptation to a dental implant. For this, it will be enough for you to pass the revisions as often as the implantologist indicates, and that you visit the hygienist at least once a year. To ensure a long life to your implant, you can use interdental thread or brushes, and mouthwash.

Ask us

If you have any questions and need answers, you can contact our team. We have experience in implants and dental aesthetics for more than 25 years and we will advise you on a dental implant budget.

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