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Dental Implants

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Today, the treatment with dental implants is the most innovative procedure in time to replace a patient.

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The implants are titanium screws (totally biocompatible material). It integrates into the gracefulness of the chemical treatment as it is only on its surface.

Immediate dental implant placement

Thanks to advances in scientific research, there is less and less waiting time between the placement of an implant and its crown. Moreover, in situations of esthetic requirement it is possible to extract a tooth and to place an implant the same day, together with it’s fix crown in a temporary manner. Then an immediate dental implant would be treated.

The high survival of dental implants is more than demonstrated. In spite of this success, whenever it is possible to keep a patient in your mouth, we prefer and therefore advise the patient instead of having the extraction and subsequent placement of an implant.

In our clinic we offer this treatment, in cases necessary for the whole mouth. Supervised by the best specialists in dental surgery, we use the most advanced techniques. This allows us to achieve speed, safety and aesthetics. Everything ensuring our patients comfort, which if are apprehensive and get stressed, can ask for a sedation service.


Dental implants in 2019 a decade ago


tiempo implantes dentalesYears aho we had to wait more than 6 months before we could place a tooth on top of the implant. Nowadays, waiting times have been reduced to the point that there it’s enough to sit in the waiting room, and after 1-2 hours have the implant and proceed with its placement.

The materials


There is awareness of the use of metals such as lead or certain materials such as some ceramics for the manufacture of dental implants. Something extraordinary happens in the second half of the 19th century. It is discovered that titanium has the capacity to be assimilated by bone. This process is known as osseointegration.

Nowadays materials such as resins and zirconium are used. These have a great capacity for integration and very high compatibility with our body.

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