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Pediatric dentist

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What does a dentist for children treat?

Pediatric dentistry is the specialty that is responsible for the prevention and treatment of oral diseases in children and adolescents. In addition, it solves the oral diseases that this age group may have. For this there is the dentist for children.

Pediatric dentistry takes into account issues such as:


  • Behavior management (it is important that the child collaborates in the future and understand the need to have a healthy mouth)
  • Injuries (these are very risky ages)
  • The prevention and early (interceptive) treatments of malocclusions, when a more complex orthodontic treatment is necessary. The best age is recommended for referral to the child dentist (orthodontist)

EThe child is growing and needs to chew well for proper nutrition and good growth of the maxillary bones. Therefore, it is important to keep your entire dentition to the fullest, whether temporary (milk) or permanent (definitive) teeth. Cavities and extractions in temporary teeth can lead to a loss of space for the correct location of the final teeth difficult to solve. For this it is important that the child go to the best child dentist.

Advice from our children’s dentists to parents – child tutors:

dentista infantil horta

For a child’s mouth to develop and grow properly, temporary and permanent teeth must be healthy.
You should know that both childhood cavities and periodontal diseases (gum and dental support bone) are due to bacteria of the oral flora (dental plaque). When they are deposited on the tooth or groove of the gum more than 24 hours they are already harmful. Therefore, it is essential to prevent any dental disease by brushing at least 2 times a day. In this way we will accustom young children to take this habit, even if at first they grumble.


From the time the baby teeth erupt and until the age of 6 it is important that the parents help brush the child at least once a day. It is preferable before bedtime, and when there are few teeth it can be done by rubbing with a gauze.

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dentista para niños hortaThe first visit to the dentist for children is very important. The main objective is for the child to enjoy it and not see it as something to fear. In this way the child will lose the fear of the dentist. In addition, he will meet us and get used to the dental environment-material. You will have a history created, oral examination and sometimes x-rays will be necessary, with all this you will be given the diagnosis and budget.

We put at your disposal the best dentists for children.

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