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Invisalign appears as an invisible orthodontic treatment that helps to reposition the teeth and modify their orientation from a virtually invisible and custom-made aligner system for each patient. Thanks to its high degree of adaptability it provides great comfort to all types of patients. Its aligners are changed very comfortably every two weeks and gradually move the position of the teeth without causing any discomfort. Its comfort and transparency have made it a treatment that has already been used by more than three million people around the world.

This transparent orthodontic system has an enormous capacity for action and is suitable for causing small dental movements or treating more complex cases in an imperceptible way. The result will be a uniform smile and a regular arrangement of all teeth. It is recommended especially for those patients of adult age who need a more discreet treatment to the conventional one.

  • Imperceptible: Having a system of transparent aligners is very difficult to detect even over short distances.
  • Comfortable: Its minimalist and small size design does not have wires or metals, so it provides a comfortable patient experience.
  • Innocuous: It is a totally painless bet that does not provide any unwanted side effects such as mouth or gum irritations
  • Removable: Its aligners are completely removable so the patient can remove them at specific times such as lunch or dinner.
  • It is not an obstacle and the patient will be able to carry out their daily tasks with total normality including dental cleaning. With Invisalign you can use dental floss without any kind of lock.
  • It does not need to be attached to the patient’s teeth as for example with traditional orthodontic treatments. Thanks to this, it can be used on porcelain crowns or bridges without any problem.
  • It is a system that has already been used by more than three million patients around the world so its effectiveness is

How does it work exactly?

First of all it will be necessary to take samples of the patient’s denture in three dimensions. Thereafter, a plan can be designed with the movements planned in the denture throughout the treatment and the custom-made aligners will be manufactured. It is essential that during the treatment a follow-up is carried out in order to ensure its correct evolution and the patient’s comfort. We must bear in mind that the movement and alignment of the teeth will be done gradually and the duration of the teeth will depend on the person and the complexity of his problem. For best results, it is important that your transparent aligner system be used for a minimum of 20 and 22 hours a day and that dental hygiene is monitored constantly.

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