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Immediate implants with immediate loading

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Implantation of prostheses with immediate loading is a procedure characterized by its immediacy.

Through these types of procedures, prosthetic implants are performed within a maximum of two days.

The immediate loading implant procedure can be performed both on a single tooth and on the entire denture. In those cases where an implant that includes the denture is required in an integral way, all the teeth are extracted and the provisional prostheses are implanted in a single session. The healing process usually extends to four months and once it is finished the acrylic prostheses are replaced by the definitive porcelain pieces.

It is essential to work with a provisional prosthesis that is fixed as it will help to achieve an adequate integration in the bone.

In which cases is it advisable to resort to immediate loading?

Although it is a treatment that has high rates of effectiveness, not all patients have the right profile to undergo it. As a main requirement, the implant must have primary stability that is directly related to the bone density it possesses. From a detailed study, a treatment fully adapted to the needs of the case can be designed and the most appropriate surgical technique, the quantity and design of the implants to be used or their distribution during the process can be defined. Primary stability is a sine qua non condition since otherwise fibrointegration may occur in the implant. However, this is not the only one:

  • The person who is going to undergo the treatment must have a good general health.
  • You must also be informed of the entire procedure and maintain a collaborative attitude with the professional team maintaining basic hygiene measures and soft diet during the time of osseointegration.
  • There can be no habits like bruxism.
  • In addition, you should have a good / correct gingival, periapical and periodontal state in the adjacent teeth.
  • Your dental structure must be adequate: You must have a minimum intermaxillary space for the implantation of the piece, the restoration and the abutment.
  • The patient’s occlusion should be adequate.

How can it benefit you?

The implant with immediate loading procedure is a treatment that generates great benefits:

  • Working with fixed prostheses favors the ability to adapt the mouth and gum to new implants
  • Its instantaneity allows the patient to recover all the missing teeth in a single session.
  • It provides psychological benefits by working directly on the physical appearance of the patient, which favors their self-esteem.
  • Patients who present more severe cases immediately recover both masticatory and phonatory function.
  • Contrary to what one might expect, these types of procedures are subject to prices very similar to those existing in traditional implantology techniques.

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