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Feldspathic porcelain veneers

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When we inquire about the types of materials that can be used in dental aesthetic treatments, we must keep in mind that there is a wide variety of possibilities.

Each of them is effective for each patient depending on the diagnosis made. Today we will deepen feldspathic porcelain as a solution to solve aesthetic and structural problems in the denture. One of the most interesting features of feldspathic porcelain is its durability. Due to its composition, this material has the ability not to degrade over time, unlike what happens with the composite. Due to its high level of resistance and conservation, it is usually the ideal option when choosing the type of veneers that we are going to make.

Porcelain in dentistry

Porcelain has numerous applications within the field of dentistry due to its good optical properties. In addition to feldspathic porcelain, there are many other varieties of porcelain. This is the most requested due to its great malleability in the design and implementation phase. This will give you a completely natural result.

These types of treatments are always supervised by a clinical team specialized in dental medicine. In addition, the pieces must also be designed by specialized professionals. The manufacturing phase is crucial throughout the process. This usually takes a minimum study time in consultation that can be carried out in up to two appointments. First, the specialist will make a diagnosis to the patient and assess the information to plan a treatment based on molds and photographs on the patient’s teeth.

The appearance of feldspathic porcelain can provide totally natural results. Always consider what are the natural features of the patient’s teeth. A very important detail is the color, and the teeth have a color that tends slightly to amber. Therefore, implanting totally white pieces can be a problem far from providing a healthy and natural aesthetic. These types of treatments ensure oral health and require a rigorous, specialized and trained team in this area.

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