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Dental Crowns

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The dental crown is one of the most common fixed dentures in repair and replacement treatments. Thanks to this dental prosthesis it is possible to correct in a very remarkable way the shape of the teeth, their appearance and their resistance to external aggressions.

The dental crown performs functions that go beyond improving the dental aesthetics of the patient, such as the masticatory function or preservation of the remaining dental structure among others.

We must bear in mind that when a patient undergoes an implant or placement of dental crowns, certain precautions must be taken to ensure its proper functioning and preservation. For example, you should reduce the consumption of sticky foods because they can alter the layout and destabilize the structure. Taking these types of precautions is essential to guarantee an aesthetic improvement and its conservation.

How does the dental crowns procedure work?

Dental crowns are placed from a fairly simple method. You should keep in mind that these types of pieces do not completely replace the original tooth. On the contrary they are placed on the natural tooth acting as a resistant barrier against all types of aggressions and improving the appearance of the denture. In order for the result to be a precise emulation of the natural tooth, it is necessary to work the original piece to reduce its size and so that the cover can be inserted.

It is necessary to work with precise molds of the patient’s denture and then create the covers in the laboratory. After the covers have been manufactured, they will be joined in a way that is very resistant to the patient’s teeth.

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