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Teeth whitening clínica dental Anfruns

Teeth whitening in record time

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New teeth whitening

New system

Do you want a whiter smile from today?

We bring you a new whitening system with light activated technology that accelerates the results. Why wait if you can have whiter teeth in one session?

With our new Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​Lamp whitening system, you can get your whitest smile in a single visit to the dentist and in record time.

Unlike others, this innovative tooth whitening system uses an exclusive LED light that accelerates whitening to obtain the best results in a very short time.

In Anfruns we study each of the novelties that go on the market to be up to date and offer the best service, quality and above all, the healthiest methods for our customers, it is for this reason that we have incorporated this new system of
teeth whitening as it is the best and most respectful option for your teeth.

The Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​lamp is backed by numerous studies that prove it is safe and effective for teeth and gums. 95% of the patients surveyed confirm that the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed ​​lamp offers excellent

What are you waiting for? Wear white teeth this summer!

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