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When should you have the first visit to the dentist?

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The first visit to the dentist

The importance of teeth care in babies.

Until recently, it was advisable to make the first visit around 4 years of age, but a study carried out in 2007 revealed that many of the children under 3 years of age already had cavities, which led to the recommendation of the first visit and also to start the practice of oral hygiene.

Currently it is advisable to make the first visit to the dentist six months after the appearance of the first teeth or at the latest, before the twelve months of life.

Dentists recommend starting oral cleansing before the first tooth has appears. This should be done with a wet gauze after each bottle, since the milk sugars predispose to the appearance of cavities.

It is convenient to have the habit of regularly examining the baby’s teeth. Keep in mind that healthy teeth have a uniform white color. If there are spots or dots on the teeth, it is advisable to go ahead to visit the dentist.

Some orthodontic problems are more easily corrected if early treatment is performed. Because the correct monitoring of maxillary bone growth is essential for good orthodontic treatment.

Waiting until the appearance of the final teeth can make the orthodontic treatment more complicated. It is called ORTHOPEDIC TREATMENT and we can avoid serious dysplasia and even avoid surgery.

In this first visit of the children to the dentist, the dentist will check the possible existence of cavities, if there are no periodontal conditions, the position of the teeth and will give the necessary recommendations for the child to maintain proper oral hygiene.

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