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Dental Veneers

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A dental veneer is a sheet-shaped piece that is inserted over a tooth to hide aesthetic problems such as stains, malpositions or small malformations. It is inserted into the visible part of the tooth to improve the aesthetics of the patient.

Dental veneers are reconstructions made of porcelain and are one of the most common dental restoration procedures in the aesthetic improvement of patients. A dental veneer can provide numerous benefits such as the modification of the color of a tooth, its shape, brightness and consistency. It is usually placed directly on the affected tooth from a resin-based adhesive material and can be inserted in both the upper and lower areas of the denture. They are usually used in the most external teeth. For molars and premolars it is more advisable to use dental covers or crowns because they offer greater resistance and durability.

It is very important to keep in mind that dental veneers are specifically designed to meet aesthetic needs. Its main function is to mask the consequences that arise from the most common oral health problems such as tooth decay, wear and tear. This means that a veneer does not act directly on the problem so it does not solve it, but masks it with the intention of improving the patient’s appearance. Generally, the implantation of veneers is usually accompanied by other complementary treatments that help reduce or alleviate the origin of the problem.

Before implementing these veneers, the oral health problem must be solved to avoid possible risks and generate a lasting and effective solution.

Characteristics of dental veneers

  • Mask breaks or imperfections: They are the perfect solution to cover imperfections, breaks caused by accidents or partial fractures of different grade. The result is an apparent reconstruction of the tooth.
  • Improve dental structure: It is very common that during childhood there is an imbalance in the distribution and arrangement of teeth due to different factors. The result is the appearance of diastema (excessive separation between teeth) or antistatic deviations Veneers can be a very useful tool when treating those crooked, separated or mounted teeth, although not in all cases, because if this type of Problems occurs in a very pronounced way will be necessary to resort to specific orthodontic treatments.

Correction of teeth: Due to different circumstances, our patient may have a tooth that is shorter or smaller than normal, or misaligned. These types of problems directly affect the patient’s appearance and break the harmony.

  • Through the implementation of veneers, harmony and healthy image can be restored.
  • Improve color problems: There are external factors that directly affect the color of the teeth, for example the consumption of tobacco or coffee can lead to blackening, so it is necessary to cover it with a dental veneer of a lighter hue.

There are veneers made from composite and porcelain.

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