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Cookies Policy

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Cookies policy

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser when you visit almost any web page. Its usefulness is that the web is able to remember your visit when you return to browse that page. Cookies usually store technical information, personal preferences, content customization, usage statistics, links to social networks, access to user accounts, etc. The purpose of the cookie is to adapt the content of the web to your profile and needs, without cookies the services offered by any page would be significantly reduced. If you wish to consult more information about what cookies are, what they store, how to delete them, deactivate them, etc., please go to this link

Cookies used on this website

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, we proceed to detail the use of cookies made by this website in order to inform you as accurately as possible.

This website uses the following own cookies:

Session cookies, to ensure that users who write comments on the blog are human and not automated applications. This way you fight spam.
This website uses the following third-party cookies:

Google Analytics: Stores cookies to compile statistics on traffic and volume of visits to this website. By using this website you are consenting to the processing of information about you by Google. Therefore, the exercise of any right in this regard must be done by communicating directly with Google.

Social networks: Each social network uses its own cookies so that you can click on buttons of the type I like or Share.4
In the following table you can see a list of the cookies used:

 Name  Type  Expires  Purpose  Class
gdpr[allowed_cookies], gdpr%5Bprivacy_bar%5D, gdpr[consent_types] Own 1 year Collect the configuration options of cookies and consents policies issued with the GDPR Technical
pll_language Own 30 min This cookie is typical of the tools with which the web has been developed, save the chosen language in the navigation Technical
cfduid Own 24 h It is used to identify clients behind a shared IP and to be able to apply security parameters (CloudFare) Technical
_gcl_au Own 2 mth. 30 days It collects anonymous data related to the user’s visits to the website, such as the number of visits, the average time spent on the website and what pages have been loaded, with the purpose of displaying specific advertisements. Technical
_hjIncludedInSample Third End of session Used by Hotjar to know if data can be collected about user behavior Technical
icl_current_admin_language, icl_current_language Own 1 day Remember user language Technical
gadwp_wg_default_dimension Own 1 week Remember the language of the user Used to collect data intended for google analytics Third
gadwp_wg_default_metric Own 1 week Used to collect data intended for google analytics Third
wp-settings-time, wp-settings-5 Own 1 año These cookies are used by WordPress to customize the User Interface Technical
gadwp_wg_default_swmetric Own 1 year Used to collect data intended for google analytics Third
wfwaf-authcookie-[session] Own 1 day Established by the WordPress security plugin “Wordfence”. It is used to authenticate the user’s login request. Technical
gwcc Own 3 mth. Register a contact request via phone as a conversation Technical
wordpress_logged_in_[session] Own End of Session/2 weeks WordPress cookie for a user who has logged in Technical
_ga Third 2 years It is used to distinguish users. Analytics
_gid Third 24 h Id Analytics Analytics
_gat_[tracking_code] Third 1 min It is used to limit the percentage of requests. If you have implemented Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be called _dc_gtm_ <property-id>. Analytics
redux_current_tab Own 5 days Personalization: It is used to store information to improve navigation and usability of the site Technical
wordpress_test_cookie Own End of session This cookie is used for the WordPress content manager to check if the browser has cookies enabled. Technical

Disabling or deleting cookies

At any time you may exercise your right to deactivate or delete cookies from this website. These actions are performed differently depending on the browser you are using. Here is a quick guide for the most popular browsers.

Additional notes

  • Clínica Dental Anfruns is not responsible for the content or veracity of the privacy policies that third parties mentioned in this cookie policy may have.
  • Web browsers are the tools responsible for storing cookies and from this place you must make your right to delete or deactivate them. Neither this website nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect manipulation of cookies by the aforementioned browsers.
  • In some cases it is necessary to install cookies so that the browser does not forget your decision not to accept them.
  • In the case of Google Analytics cookies, this company stores cookies on servers located in the United States and undertakes not to share it with third parties, except in cases where it is necessary for the operation of the system or when the law requires such effect. According to Google, it does not save your IP address. Google Inc. is a company adhered to the Safe Harbor Agreement that guarantees that all transferred data will be treated with a level of protection according to European regulations. If you want information about the use that Google gives to cookies we attach this other link.
  • For any questions or queries about this cookie policy, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact section.